• Love love love my custom bracelet stack! Fits me like a glove, which is a difficult task with my skinny wrists. Definitely recommend especially for those needing custom sizes.
        ~ Jennifer

  • I love B. Fabeautique products! I love that they are all natural and don’t irritate my sensitive skin. It is very important to me that the products I use are non toxic and cruelty free. I highly recommend B. Fabeautique!

         ~ Jasmine

  • This stuff is magic! It’s a gentle exfoliator that I can use before my facial cleanser and I can still feel the coconut oil after I rinse my face! 
         ~ Soleil

  • Good quality and beautiful bracelets! I constantly am complimented on the designs, and they have made for some memorable gifts as well. 
         ~ Heidi

  • I received my order today! I am in love with your creations!! Each is so unique! So pretty!
         ~ Ann

  • I really love the sugar scrub. After first use my face feels firmer and my skin has a healthy glow. I have also gotten bracelets for myself and friends and we have all gotten many compliments. All pieces are well made and beautiful. 
         ~ Eleanor 

  • Absolutely love this jewelry. Quality made and the best designs. 
         ~ Amy